Fylkesarkivet i Sogn og Fjordane har fått ny nettstad!


Du er no på den gamle nettstaden og den vert ikkje lenger oppdatert med nytt innhald. Klikk på denne beskjeden for å besøke ny nettstad med siste nytt frå oss. Velkommen!

Flickr Commons

The County Archives in Sogn og Fjordane has chosen to make parts of our collection available on Flickr Commons in order to reach a wider audience and generate interest in historical photographs from the county. Put the images to use and share your knowledge about them with us and others!

 “No known copyright restrictions”

All of our images which are part of The Commons on Flickr are marked “no known copyright restrictions”. This indicates that we are unaware of any copyright restrictions on the works so designated, either because we own the copyright and have chosen to waver it, or the copyright has expired, or because no evidence has been found that copyright restrictions apply. Even though the images we have uploaded to The Commons on Flickr are free of copyright restrictions, they may be subject to other third party rights such as rights of privacy and rights of publicity.


When you make use of an image from The Commons on Flickr we would like you to make reference to:

  • The photographer
  • The County Archives in Sogn og Fjordane


The photos in our collection are in general intended to be used for personal, educational or research purposes. You are reminded to conduct an independent analysis of applicable law before proceeding with a particular new use. Furthermore it is our policy to charge scaled reproduction fees for high resolution image files for commercial use. These fees help fund our continued efforts to preserve and digitise our collections. For purchasing printed reproductions or high resolution image files please contact us at postmottak.sffarkiv@sfj.no.


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